Contestant Manager

First, review materials provided by your contest organization for detailed instructions -- most answers can be found here.

Log in as Contestant Manager:

As Contestant Manager, you can make entries on behalf of your media organization and authorize other people to make entries as well.

When you begin making entries, your Contestant account will be converted to the new Contestant Manager account. You will be prompted to validate your email and update your password. Follow the onscreen instructions.

Authorized Entrant

First, review any materials which were provided by your contest or Contestant Manager for detailed instructions -- most answers can be found here.

Log in as Authorized Entrant:

Authorized Entrant accounts are preset by your media organization (media organization, station, website, etc.) enabling you to make entries as directed by your Contestant Manager.

For help making entries, contact your Contestant Manager at your media organization.

Open Call Contestant

Some contests are "Open Call", meaning any journalist is eligible to enter including freelancers and certain trades people. If the contest you want to enter has sent you an "Open Call for Entries", this is the account for you!

Your Open Call account is special!

Open Call is different from how you may have made entries in the past. Now, you establish your account with BetterBNC, then are eligible to enter multiple contests using a simple request/permission system.

Any journalist can establish an Open Call account on BetterBNC!

If you are not sure, please contact your Contest Organization or BetterBNC through our contact page.