The Leading Platform for Today's Media & Creative Awards Programs

BetterBNC® is a purpose-crafted, hard-wired program designed to handle the complex security, rules and judging requirements unique to today's media and creative awards programs. Recognized for its ease of use and extraordinary customer support, BetterBNC® is a fully-integrated, intuitive platform that provides an efficient and straightforward experience for contest administrators, entrants and judges.

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Contest Administrators

Fully integrated platform including set-up, communication, entries, management, judging and reporting

  • Easy and intuitive - yet powerful - with robust features and benefits
  • Extraordinary customer support


Easy to use platform for members and freelancers

  • Exclusive Contestant ManagerTM feature allows management control over entries
  • More than 50,000 journalists, students and creative professionals use BetterBNC®


Intuitive and efficient judging platform

  • Easy drag and drop approach to judging
  • Used by thousands of judges across North America


Preferred by nearly 200 media organizations across North America, BetterBNC® is the leading online awards platform created specifically for the print and broadcast journalism industry, public relations, and creative trades.