About BetterBNC®

Working with press associations who wanted to streamline their antiquated process of running a manual "Better Newspaper Contest", SmallTownPapers® developed the first all-digital online contest application where Media Organization enter their articles as PDF files, and judges review online from their own desktop. The BetterBNC® contest administrator can now deploy and manage the entire process online from the BetterBNC® Admin Console.

About SmallTownPapers®

SmallTownPapers is a leading solution provider for publishers of America's 5000 small market Media Organizations. Working with publishers nationwide, the Seattle-based company digitally preserves current and archive editions and provides searchable online access to the Media Organizations. Additionally, SmallTownPapers provides millions of news consumers across the country with access to real-time news and information from small town America. Today, more than 350 Media Organizations from 46 states can be accessed and searched through SmallTownPapers. The archive, containing editions dating as far back as the 1800's, continues to grow as publishers discover SmallTownPapers in their search for comprehensive digital archive solutions.