Fully Featured Contest Website

  • Secure

    Secure website customized with your organization's logo, contest name   rules, and contact information
  • Centralized Database

    Centralized database holds all contest information: publishers, media organizations, entries, competitions, judges and winners
  • 100% Online Digital Contest

    Online entry form for publishers automatically updates contest database and stores PDF entries. Publishers upload their tear sheet entries as PDF. For photography entries option to upload full-page PDF or individual JPG entries
  • Option to Submit Tear Sheets

    If you prefer to produce your BNC the 'old-fashioned' way, you can still benefit greatly by using the Online BNC! Online entry form for publishers automatically updates contest database and produces entry labels for publishers to attach to tear sheets before mailing to you
  • Option to Scan Tear Sheets

    You may choose to mail entries to judges or we can scan all your tear sheet entries for online judging; or with the right equipment, you can produce your own scans
  • Check-in Validation

    Point and click check-in and validation by your staff of mailed in entries
  • Scanning

    If you select the scan option, SmallTownPapers will pick up your tear sheets via UPS in a supplied industrial shipping box; or you can provide your own scanning.
  • Judge Assignments

    Point and click judge assignments that are easy to change on the fly
  • Online Judging

    Online judging of PDF or scanned entries using online judging form
  • Easy Exporting

    Ability to easily export and edit information for notification letters and winners certificates
  • Regular Backups

    Regular backups of the database during entry submission and until contest winners selected
  • Archive

    Contest archive available for review after the contest completes